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The aim for this project was to design a visual brand and identity of a fictionalized restaurant through a mobile and print menu. We were to conceive the contents of the menu as well as construct the atmosphere and ordering experience the restaurant was to have. Additionaly, we were to create a packaging component to accompany the print and digital menu.

For this project the process involved a lot of concept iteration before settling on this visual style.  I scanned and hand drew all the illustrative icons used in the app and menu. Additionally, I used a prototyping tool called Flinto to create an interactive prototype to demonstrate how one would order through the mobile application. 

This project really taught me about creating an brand/identity around a dinning and ordering experience. I ended up settling on this idea of a custom kebob shop, where one can create their own skewered kebobs of either a set of grilled, fresh, or sweet items. This led to the visual design of a three-tiered colored system that carried throughout the brand, both in the app and print menu. 


Here, I used Flinto, a prototyping tool, to create a dynamic representation of my app. Flinto is a lightweight and speedy way to quickly generate a mock app onto your phone. This was my first time using the tool, and I find thats its an effective way to animate still mocks and communicate a general flow.


The word "souvláki" means "skewer" in Greek. Keeping in mind this idea of skewered items, I chose to design a vertically oriented menu to elude to the tall nature of a kebob, as well as the falling nature of the items skewering on to a skewer rod. Because this restaurant allows for custom kebobs, I also wanted to allude to a list form, so an individual can select through something like a checklist of items.


For the iconography, I really wanted to create a series of icons that felt organic and natural. I chose to use varying density charcoal to sketch out a series of images and icons that I would need for my brand's iconography. Then I scanned the icons and imaged traced them in illustrator. Then I modified some of the vectorized forms using the penn tool.

icons needed:

  • logo
  • main/protein
  • vegetable
  • seasoning
  • cheese
  • dressing
  • toppings
  • side
  • navigation (back, forward, checked, home, cart icons for the app)

A key component to this was making sure that the color prints were accurate. I went through several print iterations, making sure that the color was right and the paper texture matched the identity of the souvláki brand. 

I also explored various branding concepts. Initially, I was inspired by the idea of Greek geometry, and the beautiful nature of the construction of various geometric forms and statues. But I found that these shapes did not evoke an association with food. Thus I pivoted in the direction of olive and fresh greens to evoke more of a food-centric atmosphere.