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Penn Future

The goal of this project was to encourage the Millennial generation to vote for clean energy policies in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania comes as the 8th state with the worst air pollution in the United States. We wanted to encourage Millennials to vote on policies that value the reduction of pollutants for a cleaner and better PA.  Our goal was to create various deliverables in different forms to embody a campaign.

The process involved working with Penn Future, an organization in support for clean energy policies in PA. We also researched current policies in clean energy, voting trends in the state, as well as potential job opportunities that clean energy policies could provide. Finally, we iterated on a design, centering on this concept that facts about pollution hide behind everyday objects that surround us.

For this project I worked Katherine Frazer, Oshie Merski, Hyun Doug Kim, Sam Ahmed, and Victor Song. We ended up creating a campaign called myPA. We created three components to capture the message; a print pamphlet, a parallax scroll website, a social Facebook campaign. Together, these forms worked together to send our message of caring about your Pennsylvania, by making it a better and cleaner state. To see our final execution report you can find it here.


The booklet revealed facts about the positives that clean energy policies could bring as well as negatives about mundane things, like thrown out tinfoil, our phones, a lightbulb. The book also highlighted this idea of bringing it back to the reader; the Millennial. What does my vote mean, where does my money go, what matters to my livelihood? We wanted to bridge the connection that energy has on the individuals life.


The website aimed to embody the booklet as well with the similar patting of calling out mundane objects and its implications it has on energy. The website has the interactive component of offering additional insight into which policies can affect change by clicking the objects to offer detail. The site allows for parallax scrolling, adding to the additional effect of facts hiding behind things. The website also allows for people to pledge for clean energy in Pennsylvania, acting as our main call to action. Additional actions like emailing the mayor or pledging as a clean energy voter were offered on the site as well. 


We did competitive analysis on various campaigns to see how they approached similar messages. We also conducted extensive research on facts about the benefits of clean energy as well as the negatives of energy pollution. It was important that we found compelling and legitimate information for a campaign of this nature. 

brainstorming & research synthesis session

competitive analysis & fact research