Language Player / UI Project

Growing up, my mom taught me how to speak Japanese at home. I never formally learned in school, but grew up speaking to her at home. As I grew older, my Japanese language skills didn’t evolve with me. I still speak like I am a young child even though I’m in my mid 20s.

To improve my Japanese, I started to watch a lot of Japanese T.V., namely a show called Terrace House on Netflix. As I started to watch more, I realized I was learning through the exposure of the show. I would often turn on or off the subtitles to see how much I could understand.

I realized, I was looking for some built in tools that would help intermediate language learners like myself with language learning immersion. There are existing sites called FluentU that try to do this with their own content. Here I attempt my own version as if I had the green light from Netflix themselves to use all their content ;).