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The goal of this project was to create a service that would provide the elderly with knowledge to effectively use technology. We discovered through interviews and surveys that a large portion of elderly citizens are eager to become more tech savvy but often times do not have the right assistance to learn them. This is because most technologies are not targeted at older generations but instead focus on the younger. Thus, my team and I wanted to create a platform that would bring the right insights to help this demographic champion and effective use the technology they have been meaning to use.

The process for this project involved A LOT of interviews and exercises with various citizens in varying age groups. We conducted speed dating exercises, interview sessions, and even mock workshops to begin understanding what the needs for these tech lessons might be. We also began developing the type of content that most of the elderly individuals were interested in learning. Once establishing a groundwork for the type of material to teach, and a way to effectively teach such concepts, we began developing a system/platform that could deliver this knowledge to the interested elderly. 

We discovered that by connecting young students to community centers and elderly homes, we could offer a capable mentor in teaching curated workshops. We developed an app that would provide the teaching materials and lesson plan to younger individuals who would in return receive a payment or school credit for their time. The mentors could also choose their own schedules and choose exactly which lessons to teach so that it could be flexible for those who have varying schedules.