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Form Studies

Hello. My name is Aya Demler and  I am an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction. My interests lie in the comprehension of one's experience with any given product both on a virtual and tangible level. Based on that understanding, I hope to create experiences whose design subconsciously delights and satisfies the user.


This was an experimental form project using an actual dear antler. The gaol of the project was to transform the raw dear antler into something completely different, evolving it into something that is more of a mantelpiece/decorative obtect rather than an organic form. The process started with the use a Dremel tool to smoothen out harsh edges from the raw antler and to gouge exaggerated angles to dramatize the form.  Next, extensive sanding was done on the surface to ensure complete smoothness to prepare for a spar coat. A base color of black spray paint was applied. The final process involved wrapping colored thread around the form to create a final cohesive piece. Crazy glue was applied in small amounts to ensure the layers of thread would stay in place. Overall, the process taught me how to complement form with color, using color blocking and three dimensional angles to emphasize form in a compelling way.

the final form

spray painted, pre-thread

sanding and wrapping thread

color blocking sketches

In class critique and evaluation


For part of a class called "Experimental Form" I took time creating an experimental material using resin and straws. 


I was inspired by Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban, after a summer visiting the Aspen Art Museum over the summer. Shigeru Ban had designed the mesuem building. I was particularly intrigued by is use of repetitive recycled cardboard tubes both vertically and horizontally to create the effect of rings and ridges in the architecture. 

pen & ink filled straws exploration

I discovered later on, that I could use this material to distort images by placing this material atop other images. This led me to place moving videos behind the material which led to a unique pixellating effect.


These forms were a result of a class called "Semantics and Aesthetics". The class was a seminar course where we discussed the theory and philosophy of style and aesthetics in design. We read and discussed literature on several historical aesthetics, including but not limited to traditional Japanese Aesthetics like Wabi-Sabi and Yugen. At the end of the course, we were encouraged to apply this knowledge and delve into aesthetic experimentation given traditional and historical aesthetic practices in mind. 



For a small assignment in my Interaction Design Studio class, we were to select some control device and redesign it. For my control I chose to redesign my good friend Max's clicker that enables him to open and close doors automatically. I found it interesting that Max needed to carry at least of two these clunky clickers at a time as they would only control two or three doors. I took this opportunity to investigate other areas where his control had shortcomings, and provide a solution to a better clicker that would aim to improve the interaction with his current one. On top of it all, it was really of neat to get to tap into a my industrial design side!