Over the course of 3 years at Duolingo, I worked on a variety of teams: Growth/Emerging Markets, Social, Stories, and finally Monetization. Most recently, I worked on the Monetization team on my final year at Duolingo. Below are samples of my work from the Monetization, Social and Stories teams. The monetization work will be broken up into 3 parts: Purchase Pages & Promotions, Monetized Gamification, and Subscription Features. After that I go into two other products I worked on Stories:

Purchase Page.png

Monetization - Purchase Pages


New Year’s Promotion - Promotion

Duolingo launches an annual discount for our Plus subscription on New Years each year. This is an important time for us since we see a surge of new and returning users at the start of the year. Because of this, we offer our only discount to our Duolingo paid subscription, Duolingo Plus. What you see on the left is a test we ran featuring Duo waving atop a 2019 light-up sign. We ran this themed promotions throughout the app and on various platforms.

For these promotions with animations, I worked with Kurt Hartfelder to make the illustrations come to life!


New Years Promotion Con’t - Promotion

Each year for the Plus promotion, we also test different styles. We tested the light blue 2019 version (above), but we also tested a dark blue version with fireworks (left). Other variations we tried was offering the discount for a 48 hour period or a 24 hour period. We also tested showing 2 packages vs. 3 and we tested. These sub experiments ensure that we are optimizing for the most revenue at the start of 2019.


Learning Stats Carousel

Along with promotional work on the Monetization team, we also work on the special features that are only offered for our paying subscribers on Plus. These features include free streak repairs, progress quizzes, and other bonus tools. The example of the left is an example of show casing users stats to our Plus subscribers. We found that we needed to surface user stats in more areas of the app so that our Plus subscribers had access too and could visually see a difference between the freemium experience and our paid experience.


Live Promotion Carousel

Recently, Duolingo launched a feature called Duolingo Live, where users are matched with real live tutors for bite sized 3 minute sessions; Uber for language tutors so to speak. I was tasked to create the screen to not only buy th feature but to pitch the feature as well. We synthesized the Live’s value proposition into three statements.

Since my involved, the team has now included real photographs to make it clear that the session is with a real person. In the past, Duolingo has relied on illustration to ____ the app, but for a feature of this kind, using real photographs helped users understand what this new feature was.


Gamified Monetization


Subscription Features