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Design Labs

For our senior year Fall semester, our studio was divided into three labs; speak lab, wonder lab, and play lab. Each lab had a distinct agenda. Speak was about creating a proposal or service, wonder, was creating a design narrative through video exploration, and play was to encourage us to design a fictionalized future.  The following are the three labs final outcomes and process work.


For wonder lab I worked with fellow designer Anu Jayasinghe and Min Kyung Kim

initial concept research findings/presentation

We also conducted co-designing work sessions to see how other people might think of solutions to offer smoother interactions between different transportational methods in urban settings. This

Here we begin sketching our ideas.


For speak lab I designed and created a business proposal between Best Buy and Ups to form a partnership in the process of collecting electronic waste for recycling purposes. Best Buy currently has an extensive e-waste recycling program. I wanted to expand this notion by provided a merger that benefits Ups and Best Buy financially but also increases the influx of e-waste collection for recycling. 

the final business proposal presentation


I was really interested in this notion of electronic waste. I decided to use several diagramming methods to try and gain a holistic understanding of the topic of e-waste, who the stakeholders were, who it effects, to what extent does this field permeate other fields, etc. This helped me understand the problem space and enabled me to start digging into potential solutions with clear direction.

My design solution was to create a service that served as financial benefit to its adopters. I realized that policy was not the direction that I wanted to go in because often times it takes too long for lasting effect to take hold. Thus, I decided to try and find an economic opportunity for a company to adopt. After research I discovered the Best Buy had a recycling program but it was limited to their customers bringing in e-waste for a small profit. I found that 



For Play Lab I worked with fellow designers Abby Frankola and Zachary Bergeron. Play focused on designing for the future, creating fictional narratives through the use of design techniques.  Here we did a couple of exercises called creating a future wheel-ing, which centers around a topic and slowly branches out into more specific domains about the potential of the future.

After our diagramming exercise, our team was particularly interested in the future of robotics and how care-giving robots can evolve into something that is much more intimate and ingrained in society (i.e. sex bots) Thus, we wanted to conceive of a timeline of how robots might evolve from originally a menial object into something that is much more sophisticated. 

For our final concept, we decided to create a fictionalized design gallery from the perspective of the future, looking back at the history and the progression of how DC (digital care takers) came to evolve.